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Computerized Car Systems: The New Frontier in Maintenance

Not since the advent of the electric car has there been such a challenge to the vehicle maintenance industry.

For decades, mobile auto repair experts have performed the same types of tasks, working on engines and other car maintenance aspects that had been passed down by previous generations of mechanics. The advent of computerized car systems, from automatic locks to engine lights, has thrown many of those in the auto mechanic industry for a loop. It isn’t uncommon for inexperienced garages these days to turn away customers with problems with their computerized car systems.

The tasks involved in fixing these issues go far beyond just a tire rotation or a transmission repair. These are sophisticated digital systems that require a whole new breed of auto mechanic.

The Functions of Computerized Car Systems

So, what do computers in today’s vehicles do? There are a number of vital aspects that occur through the circuits:

Automatic transmissions
Antilock brakes
Air bags
Cruise control
Climate control
Radio and sound systems

New vehicles can have as many as a dozen different computers operating within the car at any one time. Mechanics these days need to be both vehicle and computer experts. Within the auto mechanic industry, lines are being drawn.

Whom to Trust?

If your vehicle is having trouble with its computerized systems, you need to do your research in order to find the proper garage. Unlike in the past where many vehicle fixes were the same and could be trusted with any technician, these days you need to make sure your garage has the digital expertise to properly fix the computerized aspects of your car. Make sure that the mechanic working on your vehicle is equipped with one of the sophisticated diagnostic systems used to detect problems within the complex digital web that makes up today’s vehicles.

These days, an effective garage will hire mechanics fully trained in fixing today’s computerized vehicles. These need not be only young mechanics, as many seasoned veterans have returned to classes in order to gain knowledge on the new systems. From the sliding doors on vans to dashboard engine trouble lights, mechanics need to know how to fix each and every computerized aspect.

Put your garage to the test by asking if they use diagnostic systems to pinpoint computer troubles within the circuitry of modern vehicles. Make sure your garage specifically offers auto electric system repair as part of their repairs menu. Make sure the garage’s mechanics are ASE certified, meaning they are trained in all aspects of today’s computerized vehicles. If a garage has all of these aspects covered, it sounds like you’ve found the right place to take your vehicle.

The Lines Are Drawn

As in most professions being revolutionized by digital technology, mobile mechanics will need to continually learn new technologies as car circuitry becomes even more sophisticated in the coming years. Very clear lines have been drawn amongst mechanics and garages. One side still operates with wrenches and car manuals. The other uses diagnostic machines and smartphone apps. When taking your modern vehicle to get fixed, make sure your garage’s mechanics are on the right side.

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